4” x 1.5” Paint Brush for Painting Sheds Fences Decking Walls Wallpaper Paste

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Professional extra wide painting brush

Shed and fence paint brushes

4” x 1.5” paint brushes

Extra wide paint brush designed for covering larger areas quicker and more efficiently

Ideal for painting sheds, decking, fences and other timber types or general large surfaces

Suitable for use with all types of wood treatments and preservatives

Synthetic bristle brushes

Synthetic bristles so less bristle loss like cheaper brushes

Metal collar to encase the bristles in

Durable filaments to reach all awkward hard to reach areas

Hole in the end of the handle for easy storage / hanging when not in use

Comes with handy integral clip to hang brush on paint pot while not in use

Excellent paint load and distribution

Designed to give an even distribution

Can also be used for wallpaper paste application

Plastic handle for comfort and grip when using


• Shed and fence brush
• Total width of the brush – 100mm (10cm)
• Total depth of the brush 40mm (4cm)
• Total height of the bristles – 55mm
• Total length of the brush (including handle – 220mm)
• Hole in the end of the handle for easy storage / hanging when not in use

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