4pc Small Plastic Fuel Funnel Fixed Spouts Suitable For Petrol Diesel Water Oil

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Professional funnels for commercial or occasional use

4 different size funnels to cater for all needs and requirements

Funnels have a head varying from 80mm - 135mm

Perfect for use on smaller vehicles (for example bikes etc...)

Suitable for a variety of liquids

Wide mouths on all funnels for easy controllable pouring

Accommodates most fluids such as petrol, diesel, oil, water etc...

Manufactured from high quality PP (polypropylene) for strength and durability

Stops spillage when using

Using the funnels makes it easier to pour out of jerry cans and other containers without spillage

All of the funnels come with a hanging hole for easy storage when not using


• 1 x funnel 80mm wide mouth with 8mm wide pouring spout
• 1 x funnel 95mm wide mouth with 10mm wide pouring spout
• 1 x funnel 115mm wide mouth with 12mm wide pouring spout
• 1 x funnel 135mm wide mouth with 14mm wide pouring spout