4pc Tyre Lever Pry bar Remover Tire Change Removal Bars 12 16 18 + 24 Inches

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Professional tyre lever set for commercial or occasional use

4pc different sized tyre lever set

Ideal for removing tyres very simply and easily

Hardened and tempered steel for maximum strength and durability

Chrome plated for rust and corrosion resistance

Suitable for use on all vehicles including bikes, motorcycles, cars, vans and light commercials

Used to manipulate the bead of the tyre during mounting and demounting of tyres from rims

One end is a tapered round lever for prying the tube away and the other is a slight bend for holding the tyre away from the tube

4 different sizes ranging from 12 Inches (300mm) – 24 inches (600mm)


1. 1 x tyre lever – total length 12 inches (300mm)
2. 1 x tyre lever – total length 16 inches (410mm)
3. 1 x tyre lever – total length 18 inches (460mm)
4. 1 x tyre lever – total length 24 inches (600mm)

Comes in a tetron pouch for easy storage and transportation