5 Metre Tie Down Ratchet Strap Lashing Straps S Hooks For Gazebos Tents

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Pack Size Ratchet Strap
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Professional ratchet strap for commercial or occasional use

Strong durable straps and working mechanism

Red ratchet straps so easily visible when in use

5 metre (approx 15 feet) ratchet straps total length

25mm wide straps

Comes complete with 2 S hooks on the end of the ratchet straps

Plastic coating S hooks so will prevent damage to the work surface attached to

Extra long strap suitable for a wide range of uses and saves using multiple straps (making items more secure)

Although a relatively long strap it can be pulled through the mechanism so it’s a smaller strap as well so multipurpose

Perfect for small vehicle such as tying down motorcycles / bikes.

Strapping items down in the back of vans as well as tying down Gazebos and small marquees.

Not suitable for lifting or pulling

Manufactured in the United Kingdom (UK)

In accordance with BS5759:1987


• Total length of the straps – 5 Metres / Approx 15 feet
• Total width of the strap – 1” / 25mm
• Rated Assembly Strength – 325kg
• Ultimate Capacity – 650kg

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