50 / 100mm Wide Flat Steel Wire Brush for Drills Brass Coated Rust Paint Remover

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Size 50mm
Pack Size Single Brush
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Professional wire brushes for commercial or occasional use

50mm / 100mm flat wire brush

Flat wire brush so a larger surface is covered by the brush

Perfect for cleaning, deburring and edge blending

By varying the pressure you apply you can get just the right amount of abrasion without damaging the paint

With them not being twist wire brushes, it means that not as much rust and paint will come off giving you a bit more control as not so abrasive

6mm / 1/4" Shanks so suitable for use in any drill (electric, battery or air)

Heat treated galvanised steel backing for strength and durability

The brushes already come assemble in one unit so they won’t spin apart like cheaper models

Maximum speed 4500 RPM

Always use eye protection when using the item


50mm Brush

• Total Width - 50mm / 2"
• Bristle length - 10mm
• Bristle width - 5mm
• Shaft diameter - 6mm
• Shaft length - 30mm
100mm Brush • Total Width - 100mm / 4"
• Bristle length - 25mm
• Bristle width - 10mm
• Shaft diameter - 6mm
• Shaft length - 30mm