50 Metres Builders Line Brick Wall Block Line Reel Nylon String On Rotating Reel

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Pack Size 1 x Brick Reel
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Professional brick line for commercial or occasional use

50m brick line reel

Nylon string line for strength and durability

Ideal tool for brick laying, building and ground work

As well as building requirements it can also be used in the garden for sowing your seeds or for keeping a fence straight

High visibility cord

Complete on a reel for easy storage as well as winding and unwinding

As well as storage it makes it easier to unwind and as well as this it also means the string wont get twisted or knotted

Complete on a fast spinning reel

On the reel there is also a pointed end which can be used as a ground peg


• Brick line reel
• Total length – 50 metres / approx 150 feet (PER REEL)
• Fast spinning plastic handle

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