500Kg Trailer Kit Suspension Units Hitch Lights Mudguards Towing 5m Cable Wheels

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This kit contains all the parts required for you to build your own trailer.

You will need to supply a chassis and body.

Includes all the parts you need to fit a pair of rear lights to a trailer.

Perfect for new builds, refurbishments etc...

Lights are approved and are 'e' marked.

Kit Includes;

4mm Electrical Wire Blue Spade Female Terminal Crimps Connectors 35pc AST36

Mudguard for Trailer Wheels 8" Plastic / Wing / Fender TR001 x 2

Heavy Duty 42mm Jockey Wheel TR006 x 1

42mm Clamp for jockey wheel / prop stand TR023 x 1

Pressed steel 50mm coupling / hitch UNBRAKED TR031 x 1

Unbraked Secondary Coupling / Breakaway Cable TR034 x 1

Trailer Caravan Plug 7 Pin N Type Electric Lighting Socket TR039 x 1

Reflective Trailer Triangles Triangular Reflectors TR051 x 2

Trailer / Caravan Light or Replacement Lighting Board Lamp TR053 x 2

Trailer Mudguard Angle Bracket HEAVY DUTY 90 degree Corner Brace TR083 x 4

5 Meters 7 Core Wire / Cable 5m Coil for Trailers and Caravan Automotive Grade TR123 x 1

Trailer Lighting / Electrics Junction Box 10 Way TR129 x 1

Trailer Wheel and Tyre 400 x 8" 4ply 4"pcd x 2

500kg Trailer Suspension Units PAIR TRSP33 x 1

Trailer Cast Wheel Hub 4" PCD 1" Taper Bearing 4 Stud With Wheel Nuts And Cap x 2

500KG Mounting Plate (Single) TRSP35 x 2