50mm Brass Combination Padlock Lock Security Shed Garage Door Luggage

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Pack Size Single Padlock
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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use

Everyday use padlock to keep your valuables safe out of harms way.

Suitable for use on luggage / jewellery boxes / gates / doors and a thousand other uses.

Lock it or loose it

Manufactured from solid brass construction for strength and durability

Chrome plated shackle and heat treated for extra durability.

Solid brass lock body measures 50mm across / 45mm high and 13mm thick.

Extra tough 6mm diameter thick hardened shackle with inner opening dimensions of 30mm across by 35mm high when closed

4 digit combination lock with dial tumblers to enter combination

Combination factory set to 0000 and can be changed to any combination when opened before closing.

Four ring combination locking mechanism for ease of use instead of having to take care of extra keys.


• Combination padlock
• Brass lock
• 4 digit combination
• Width – 50mm
• Height – 45mm
• Diameter – 13mm

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