552pc Electricians Electrical Insulated Ratcheting Crimping Tool + Terminal Set

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use

552pc electrical crimpers and terminal tool set


Ratcheting crimping tool for insulated electrical crimp terminals

Will crimp red, blue and yellow terminal sizes

Ratchet design endures the perfect crimp each time for half the effort

Ideal for crimping insulated cable links and butt connectors from AWG22 - 10 (0.5-6mm)

Total length of the crimping tool 220mm

Heat treated steel jaws for extra strength and durability when using

Ergonomic handles for comfort and grip when using this tool

Powerful ratchet crimp for consistent crimping of terminals

Locking mechanism

Pressure adjustable

Deadlock system for safe and precise crimping

High compression pressure for secure crimping

Quick release lever


• 90pc Ring M4 (30 x red / 30 x blue and 30 x yellow)
• 50 x spades (25 x red and 25 blue)
• 60 x bullet male (30 x red and 30 x blue)
• 50 x female bullets (25 x red and 25 x blue)
• 50 x butt connectors (25 x red and 25 x blue)
• 90 x splice female (30 x red / 30 x blue and 30 x yellow)
• 60 x splice males (30 x red and 30 x blue)
• 50 x splice full females (25 x red and 25 x blue)


1. 1 x insulated crimping tool
2. 1 x reel of insulation tape
3. 50 x cable ties 2.5mm x 100mm
4. 500 x insulated terminals

All comes in a portioned box for easy storage and transportation