5pc Decorating Decorators Paint Brush with Magnetic Paint Brush Holder

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Professional paint brushes for commercial or occasional use

5pc paint brush set

Suitable for a wide variety of painting and decorating tasks within the home

Suitable for a wide range of uses including painting walls / fences / doors / skirting boards etc...

Stainless steel ferrule for added strength

Solid wooden handle for comfort and grip

Suitable for use with all types of paint

5 different size brushes ranging from 1/2" (25mm) – 2-1/2” (62mm)

5 x paint brushes in total

Brushes are easy to clean after use and are durable to reuse repetitively


• 1 x 1/2" (12mm) width paint brush
• 1 x 1" (25mm) width paint brush
• 1 x 1-1/2" (37mm) width paint brush
• 1 x 2" (50mm) width paint brush
• 1 x 2-1/2" (62mm) width paint brush


Magnetic paint brush holder

Can easily be clamped to the paint can or bucket

Magnetically holds the brush when not in use

It has two magnets, one for holding the paint brush towards the paint and one level for fuller tins of paint

On the lower side of the clip is a metal tin opener so there is no need for a screwdriver or other paint tin opener to be used

Keeps the brushes clean and safe above the material

Rounded edge serves as a lid opener

Suitable for use with most tins and buckets, even those with lips as it can open up to 20mm

Manufactured from metal and plastic for maximum strength and durability