5pc Tungsten Carbide Rotary Burr Set TE127

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Top quality tungsten carbide rotary burrs for use for machining mild steel, high carbon steel, cast iron, aluminium etc....

Removes material much faster than traditional hand files allowing for increased productivity.

Made from tungsten carbide with precision double diamond cut heads making them very long lasting. They eat metal!

Suitable for use with electric or air powered die grinders and some routers (where the router can be removed from the base). The faster you can run them the better, not to be confused with cheaper HSS sets.

6mm (1/4") shank.

Overall length 65mm.

Head diameter 12mm.


1 x Cylindrical Burr
1 x 60 Degree Conical Burr
1 x Spherical Burr
1 x Pointed Nose End Cone
1 x Cylindrical Half Circular Nose