6" + 12" Engineers Square Adjustable Combination Set Square + Spirit Level 2pc

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Professional combination squares for commercial or occasional use

This kit comprises of both a 6" and 12" set squares

2pc set square kit

On small and one large set square to cater for all needs and requirements

Perfect for drawing, marking, checking etc...

Built in spirit level also allows checking if things are vertical / level etc...

Perfect for when installing posts, columns etc...

Stainless steel blade for strength and durability

Comes with a ruler on one side which is marked in both mm / inches and cm

Clear and easy to read markings

Etched markings so they won’t rub off and are clear to read

Total length of the ruler 6" / 150mm and 12" / 300mm

Precise 90 and 45 degree angles

Spirit level for checking structures

Many uses and applications 45 degree level, height gauge, marking gauge, outside try square and spirit level

Brass adjustment screw to lock into place when needed to

Perfect for drawing, layout etc...