6" 150mm Digital Electronic Vernier Caliper Gauge Internal External LCD Display

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use

Precision made Vernier Caliper

-Features a large LCD Screen for easy use.

-Carbon fibre construction so lightweight to use but till strong enough to last

-Suitable for both internal and external sizes.

-Also can measure hole / thread depth with the built in depth stop.

-Simple way to make accurate measurements of internal and external distances up to 150mm

-Includes depth measuring tool

-Can display in metric or SAE (imperial sizes)

-Measuring range 0 - 150mm / 0 - 6"

-Accuracy plus or minus 0.02mm (0 - 100mm) range and plus or minus 0.03mm (100mm plus range)

-Accuracy is also effected in areas of very high humidity (over 80%)