6" 150mm Soft Polishing Buffing Mop Cleaning Wheel with 6mm Spindle Drill Use

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Professional mop for commercial or occasional use

6" / 150mm Cloth polishing / buffing wheel

Suitable for final buffing on materials that are not too bad already

If the material has scratches, any paint, rust / oxidisation or any other blemishes a coarser mop should be used first to remove these

Mounted on a 6mm diameter spindle

Made up from 80 layers

Removes surface imperfections

Includes 12mm diameter flanges

Suitable for use on most drills but please be aware that you will need quite a big drill to run this as the mop has a large surface area

Perfect for metal polishing / buffing

Suitable for a wide range of materials including iron, steel, aluminium, copper, stainless steel, brass and non ferrous materials such as plastics

Also suitable for use on woods and resins

Does not fray or leave as much dust as other finishing mops

Suitable for straight away use

Suitable for the final stage polishing and finishing on non ferrous and ferrous surfaces