6" / 150mm Straight Hemostat Forceps Stainless Steel Lockable Locking

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Professional forceps for commercial or occasional use

6" straight forceps

Straight forceps

Suitable for first aid, paramedic, medical, veterinary, fishing etc...

Ideal for safe unhooking of pike, carp, perch or any other coarse fish

Manufactured from stainless steel for strength and durability as well as reduced corrosion resistance

Self locking surgical type standard stainless steel locking forceps or grippers

Total length of the forceps 6" / 150mm

Total opening width 3" / 75mm

Lets you reach into tight restricted areas

Ergonomic haemostat type design

Features a box joint, serrated jaws and ratchet lock to ensure a secure grip each use

Compress ratchet lock