6 x 100mm Clean And Strip Disc Rust Paint Welding Spatter Removal 6mm Shank

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use

Silicon and carbide discs

This disc is made using polyurethane impregnated with silicone carbide which ensures the minimum of damage to the underlying surface

Stiff construction of the product resulting on longer shelf life

Optimum performance in heavier duty applications

Designed to remove paint, rust, weld seams and other materials from metal surfaces as well as wood and fibreglass

Suitable for the removal of old paint, varnishes and glazes

Suitable for the removal of rust, oxidisation, corrosion and welding spatter

100mm clean and strip disc

Suitable for use with any drill electric / battery or air

Comes with a 6mm shank (this will fit most drill chucks)

Max speed 8,000 RPM

This listing is for 6 discs (6pc)

The quicker the drill will drive the more efficient the discs will work


-100mm diameter disc
-Maximum speed 8,000 RPM
-Pack size - 6
-6mm Shank for drills - electric / air or battery