60” Bungee Strap with Metal Carabiners Hook Tie Down Fastener Holder

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Professional bungees for commercial or occasional use

60” Bungee strap with Carabiner hooks

Strong heavy-duty elastic helps secure loads securely and safely

Ideal for securing over sized loads or wrapping around bigger bundles

Use these cords for quick and convenient load binding

Manufactured from multi strand rubber for strength and durability

Heavy duty elastic design provides constant tension and a firm hold

Suitable for use with tarpaulins, cars, trucks, trailers, bikes, boats and a lot more

Metal Carabiner hooks for maximum strength and durability

Zinc coated hooks to prevent rust and distortion

Each bungee can withstand a maximum weight of 10 KG

Not suitable for climbing and lifting


• TOTAL LENGTH – 60” / 1500mm / 150cm
• MAXIMUM STRETCH – 110” / 2800mm / 280cm
• COLOUR – Black and white
• CARABINER TYPE – 2 x Metal Carabiner Hooks