60 Grit Medium Flap Disc Calcined Aluminium Sanding Wheels Discs Type 29 10pk

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Professional calcined flap discs for commercial or occasional use

Stronger and a lot more abrasive disc than most standard flap discs

115mm (4-1.2”) sanding discs

Suitable for use with a 4-1/2” (115mm) angle grinder / sander

Bonded back plate and Zirconia abrasive for quick and efficient (paint / rust) removal

Perfect for smooth grinding, no dents, no burrs and no discolouration

60 grit medium grit flap discs

Aluminium oxide flap discs for maximum strength and durability

Perfect for removing rust, grinding of welds, parting lines on casting and carbon steels or removing rough edges on most stubborn surfaces

Suitable for work on metal, wood and plastic

The high grade adhesion is for a long life which outlasts conventional sanding discs

No backing pad required

Maximum speed 13,300 RPM

EN 13743 approved

Type 29 flap discs which means when on the angle grinder it can work at a 30 degree angle (this allows you not to have to angle the grinder as much and cover a larger area quicker)

Flatter than most standard flap discs


• Calcined aluminium oxide flap discs
• 60 grit – medium grit flap disc
• Dimension of the disc – 115mm x 22.2mm (4-1/2”)
• Maximum RPM 13,300
• Type 29 flap disc (flatter disc than normal)
• Complies with EN13743 standards

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