600 Gram Roofing Slating Slate Tile Hammer with Fibreglass Non Slip Handle

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Professional roofing Hammer for commercial or occasional use

600 Gram Roofing Slating Hammer

Comes with a bradawl claw which is used for making holes in the roofing materials and for removing old nails

A pointed pick at one end for making holes in the slate

Claw in the centre of the head for pulling old unwanted nails out

Magnetic nail holder on the top of the hammer for one handed operation in difficult / hard to reach areas

Strong fibreglass handle for maximum strength and durability

As well as this makes the item less weight and causes less vibration when striking surfaces

Rectangular striking hammer head / large surface for accurate consistent results

Non slip finish handles for maximum grip when using

HRC 50-58 head


• Roofing hammer
• Total weight – 600 grams
• HRC 50-58 Head
• 60% Fibreglass handle
• Non slip finish
• Total length – 340mm