6pc Auto Car Upholstery Removal Remover Kit for Trim Screw Clips Door Panel

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Professional upholstery tool kit for commercial or occasional home use

6pc auto upholstery tools

Suitable for removing automotive trim, door panels and dashboard fascias

Perfect for all trims and outside of cars, vans and utility vehicles

Easy removal of trim fasteners, moulding and wheel hubs

Makes removal of trims, screw clips, upholstery and attachment on your vehicles easy and painless

No more using a flat headed screwdriver that will damage the panel or trim

Helps prevent damage to upholstery clips during removal

Soft grip handle for comfort and grip when using the tools

Manufactured from CR-v steel for maximum strength and to prevent the tools from bending when using


• Designed for the quick removal of staples, clips, door panels etc...
• The jaw design allows clip removal slightly by squeezing the handles
• The wide nose prevents breaking or tearing panels with undoing facings
• Spring loaded pliers for ease of use
• Easily accessible into confined spaces
• Double dipped handles for comfort and grip


1. 1 x short series door upholstery remover – total length 230mm
2. 1 x short series door upholstery remover – total length 235mm
3. 1 x short series door upholstery remover – total length 240mm
4. 1 x long series door upholstery remover – total length 513mm
5. 1 x trim clip removal pliers – total length 235mm
6. 1 x panel remover