750kg Braked Trailer Suspension Units with 10" Wheels & Tyres Brake Cables

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This listing is for a pair of high grade braked trailer suspension units with brake cables and a pair of 10" Trailer Wheels and tyres.

Solid forged suspension arms and large 60mm section main bodies make these suspension units very strong and longer lasting, ideal for professional use.

10" Trailer wheels fitted with 145R10 Radial Tyres.

Suspension Units are supplied pre-fitted with;
Complete Knott brake back plate assemblies and brake adjusters.
4" PCD brake drums and taper roller bearings.
160mm x 35mm Knott brake shoes and springs.

Includes wheel nuts and hub caps.

750kg capacity (per pair).

Standard 250mm (10") by 125mm (5") 8 hole suspension mounting plates.

Suitable for auto-reverse braking systems.

20" overall wheel diameter.

Long-life coated brake cables give a longer service life.

1640mm Overall Length Brake Cables (1430mm Outer length)

Brake Cables have threaded M8 ends for easy connection.

Pair of braked suspension units (750kg per pair)
Pair of 10" trailer wheels and tyres.
Pair of long life brake cables.