750kg Commercial Independent Trailer Suspension Units & Hubs PAIR TRSP30_32

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This listing is for a pair (left and right) of suspension units and hubs.

Fitted with standard 1" trailer stub axles. Also available without hubs in our shop.

Included in this listing is;

1 Pair of suspension units (left and right)
2 x 4" PCD Cast Hubs already fitted with 3/8" wheel studs.
2 x Inner Bearings.
2 x Outer Bearings.
2 x Hub Caps.
8 x Wheel Nuts

Very heavy duty construction make these units suitable for daily use by business. Far tougher and long lasting than most 750kg suspension units.

Taper roller bearings, which last far longer than the cheap ball bearings used in many trailer suspension units.

Maximum weight (per pair) 750kg

Features a solid suspension arm for strength and less prone to rusting than cheap hollow box section suspension arms.

The hubs have the bearing races already pressed in so you need no specialist tools to assemble.

Other parts such as wheels, bearings, mounting plates etc. are available in our shop.

Mounting holes sizes are as pictured.