750Kg Trailer Kit Suspension Units Hitch Lights Mudguards Towing 5m Cable Wheels

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This kit contains all the parts required for you to build your own trailer.

You will need to supply a chassis and body.

Includes all the parts you need to fit a pair of rear lights to a trailer.

Perfect for new builds, refurbishments etc...

Lights are approved and are 'e' marked.

Kit Includes

4mm Electrical Wire Blue Spade Female Terminal Crimps Connectors 35pc AST36

Mudguard for Trailer Wheels 10" Plastic Single / Wing / Fender TR002 x 2

Heavy Duty 42mm Jockey Wheel TR006 x 1

42mm Clamp for jockey wheel / prop stand TR023 x 1

Pressed steel 50mm coupling / hitch UNBRAKED TR031 x 1

Unbraked Secondary Coupling / Breakaway Cable TR034 x 1

Trailer Caravan Plug 7 Pin N Type Electric Lighting Socket TR039 x 1

Reflective Trailer Triangles Triangular Reflectors TR051 x 2

Trailer / Caravan Light or Replacement Lighting Board Lamp TR053 x 2

Trailer Mudguard Angle Bracket HEAVY DUTY 90 degree Corner Brace TR083 x 4

5 Meters 7 Core Wire / Cable 5m Coil for Trailers and Caravan Automotive Grade TR123 x 1

Trailer Lighting / Electrics Junction Box 10 Way TR129 x 1

Trailer Wheel and Tyre 145 x 10" 4ply 4"pcd

Trailer Cast Wheel Hub 4" PCD 1" Taper Bearing 4 Stud With Wheel Nuts And Cap x 2

750kg Commercial Trailer Suspension Units PAIR TRSP32 x 1
750KG Mounting Plate (Single) TRSP36 x 2