8" / 200mm Carpenters Pincers Pincer Pliers Nail Remover Removal Cutter

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use

Carpenters pincers

The main purpose of carpenter’s pincers is to pull out nails from wood without damaging the surface

The broad, rounded head ensures the pincers won’t dig into the wood

This is especially useful for tasks such as repairing windows and doors and removing skirting boards and renovating furniture

Frequently used for dismantling work in vehicle body workshops

Tough jaws make them ideal for gripping and removing all sorts of components, ranging from pieces of bodywork to engine parts and seat covers

Used for pulling out nails when removing old horseshoes, then for bending nails over and cutting them to the right length when fitting new shoes

You can also use them to cut through nails, wire or staples

Manufactured from carbon steel for strength and durability

Rubber ergonomic handles for comfort and grip when using the tool

Total length of the pliers 8" / 200mm