8" / 200mm Heavy Duty G Clamp C-Clamp Grip Holder vice Clasp Woodworking

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Professional clamp for commercial or occasional use

8" / 200mm G clamp

This is a variation lisitng for a selection of pack sizes available

Suitable for holding working or metal work together

Ideal for holding parts firmly for gluing, nailing, drilling, welding, cutting and bending

Unbreakable cast iron frame

Classic G shaped design for simplicity and versatility

Ball and socket head for maximum contact on uneven surfaces

Steel screw swivel ensures that an even pressure is applied even on angle work surfaces

Sliding T handle for when added pressure / force is required

Steel ball joint swivel pad

Fast action twin start thread

Powder coated finish for rust and erosion resistance


• MAX OPENING - 8" / 200mm
• JAW DEPTH – 65mm
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