ABS Sliding Bevel Gauge Setting Measuring Angle Finder With Built in Spirit Level

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Professional sliding bevel for commercial or occasional use

Sliding bevel with built in level

Carpenters adjustable sliding bevel

Transfers angles even in restricted areas

Imperial and metric dual marked graduations

Stainless steel blade for maximum strength and durability

Perfect for the setting and transfer of a measured angle

The bevels are designed to create a bevel edge with ease or replicate an existing angle

Perfect for such as work as when on stairs / staircases

Comes complete with built in (embedded) spirit level bubble for accurate results

Screw fixing for easy adjustment / fastening

Plastic handle for comfort and grip when using

Easy to use


• Adjustable Sliding Bevel
• Stainless steel blade
• Marked in metric and imperial graduations
• ABS plastic body
• Complete with built in level
• Level accuracy 0.5mm/m