AC Manifold Gauge Set Air Conditioning Diagnostic Refrigeration Set Kit Pump

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use

An air conditioning system test kit

This manifold gauge set is designed to test automotive air conditioning systems using R134a refrigerant by comparing the high and low-pressure readings

Used to test evacuate and fill automotive air conditioning systems

Colour coding on gauge valves and hoses to ensure correct installation

AC manifold gauge set

Easy to read the readings and precise display

Diagnostic and service gauge set for using on air conditioning systems

Easy to use and to operate

Rubber sheath to protect the pressure gauge from damage

Built in ball valve which makes it easy to open and close

Built in sight glass for viewing condition of refrigerant

Quick connect fittings

High pressure safety valve

Gauges come with impact resistant lenses for maximum strength and durability

Gauge accuracy + / - 2 percent


• LOW PRESSURE - 0 - 120psi / 1 - 8.5 kg/cm
• HIGH PRESSURE - 0 - 500psi / 0 - 35 kg/cm
• Blue (low) gauge 0 - 120 psi
• Blue Hose 1/4" inlet FFL x 50 in
• Red Hose 1/4" inlet FFL x 50 in
• Yellow hose - 1/2in Acme x 50 in


• The red HP gauge is used to measure high-pressure compressor discharge side pressure
• The blue LP gauge is used to measure low pressure side suction or pressure
• The manifold valves control the flow of refrigerant to and from the yellow hose also called the charge hose
• The coupler valves control the flow to the gauges from the red and blue hoses
• The sight glass allows checking the appearance of the refrigerant
• The yellow hose also called the hose can be used three ways (refrigerant recovery / evacuation / charging filling the system and for checking)
• The charge valve allows for simultaneous connection of a refrigerant recovery system

Comes in a blow molded case for easy storage and transportation