Adjustable Head Magnifier with Light / Torch / Flashlight Four Lenses TE012

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use.

Perfect for reading / dentistry / camera and clock repairs / sculpting / artistry and mold work.

Consists of an adjustable head loop, and a set of interchangeable lenses.

Fits all head size with its adjustable head band and sits comfortably because of its cushioned head band.

A light sits at the top of the peak for instant clear light.

Rotating LED light on top of peak.

Uses 2 x AAA batteries (which are included).

Four strengths of magnifying lenses come with this kit which are stored in their own case to keep them out of harms way.

Magnification strength starts at x 1.2 and goes all the way up to x 3.5 (lens choice is dependant on the distance from the work piece as well as the users eye strength).

Simple to replace simply push the lens into the preferred slot (two to choose from) or use them both with different lenses to get an even more powerful magnification.

Comes in a handy storage box to keep magnifying lenses scratch free and safe.


1.2 X 520mm 620mm distance from work piece.
1.8 X 230mm 320mm distance from work piece.
2.5 X 150mm 250mm distance from work piece.
3.5 X 80mm 120mm distance from work piece.


Light works with 2 x AAA batteries (included).
Sliding switch for light on top.
Light can be moved 60 degrees vertical and 25 degree horizontal.
Head band adjusts to fit any type.