Air Body Saw Hack Saw Hacksaw Pneumatic Cutting Blade Cutter Cut Off Tool

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use.

Suitable for a wide range of cutting requirements including cutting body panels / exhausts / chassis' / sills etc...

Suitable for cutting all materials including steel / copper / aluminium / brass / plastic / fibreglass etc...

Fitted with a safety trigger device.

Compact design of the saw is ideal for cutting into hard to reach areas.

Can also be used with standard hacksaw blades (as long as they are the blades that you can flex and bend)

Adjustable blade guard.

Total length of the cutting blade 240mm


-Max cutting capacity 1.5mm

-Free speed 10,000 rpm

-Air consumption 6 cfm

-Operating pressure 90 psi

-Air inlet size; 1/4" BSP