Aluminium Plasterers Plastering Mortar Hawk Board Holder Support 325 x 325mm

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Professional plastering board for commercial or occasional use

Suitable for holding plaster, mortar or any other bonding material

Allows you to hold the above material in one hand and use a trowel to apply to the walls with the other hand

Manufactured from aluminium for maximum strength and durability

As well as being aluminium for strength it also makes it lightweight allowing you to be able to carry more cement / plaster etc...

Wooden handle for comfort and grip when using the item

On one side of the aluminium it is scoured and this will allow for the material on there to not run off as it would do on a shiny non grip surface

Edges have been smoothed and rounded

Used for holding plaster during application

Detachable handle


• Dimensions – 325mm x 325mm
• Thickness – 7mm
• Detachable handle