Anchor Stern Tie Shore Sling 20m Rock Strap & Two Shackles 8000kg Capacity

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This listing is for an extra long rock/boulder stern tie sling with two shackles.

A stern tie is used to reduce anchor swing in tight mooring areas. This sling allows large rocks or boulders to be used to attach the stern tie.

The sling is used to go around large boulders, rocks etc to provide a solid anchor for the main stern tie rope.

Zero stretch webbing is designed not to move on the rock and helps protect the strap from chaffing.

Tough 55mm webbing is chaff resistance but care should be taken to protect the strap from sharp edges.

8000kg Capacity.

20m Extra long sling.

Top quality, manufactured in the UK.

The sling has large loops at each end and two shackles are included to secure the main stern tie rope.

Shackle dimensions; 108mm maximum length, 80mm maximum ring width, 15mm diameter pin and shackle.