Aqua Flow 200 Dual Action Internal Aquarium Filter Fish Tank Filter 400L/H

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Superfish Aqua-Flow 200 Internal Filter 400L/H Compact internal filter providing optimal filtration and clean, clear water.

Compact and ideal especially for smaller aquariums, the Superfish Aqua Flow 200 Internal Filter features an easy-clean system for simple cleaning and has a dual action filter cartridge for optimum performance and filtration.

An essential part of cleaning your aquarium, effective filters remove pollutants from the aquarium and breaks them down by the bacterial action found within filters, so the water remains healthy promoting fish health.

Ideally sized for medium sized tropical and cold water aquariums, the Superfish Aqua Flow 200 Internal Filter features a fully open-structure filter foam and active carbon, providing optimal filtering and clear, clean waters, suitable for aquariums with a capacity of between 100-200Litres.

Dual action filter medium with activated carbon removes organic contamination, chemicals and dyes from the water.

100% open structure foam provides optimal filtration and bacterial growth area. Adjustable flow rate (200-400 litres / hour).

Cartridges: There are two different types of cartridges for these filters. The standard foam (and carbon depending on model) cartridges and the new Crystal Clear cartridges, which include a mix out of carbon, zeolite and phosphor removers).

NoteSuperfish recommend the Aqua Flow 200 filter cartridge should be changed monthly.