Assorted Jigsaw Blades Set For Metal Wood Plastic T Shank Bosch Fitting

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Pack Size 14 Blades
In stock: 200
SKU: TE750.1
Professional jigsaw blades for commercial or occasional use

Designed to fit jigsaws with T style shank

Suitable for use on metal, plastic and wood

Suitable for use with jigsaws with Bosch style fittings

Manufactured from Metal Cobalt and High alloy steel for maximum strength and durability

Metal cutting jigsaw blades

Wood / plastic cutting jigsaw blades

Coarse, medium and fine toothed jigsaw blades to cater for all needs and requirements


• 2 x 14TPI Metal Jigsaw Blades
• 2 x 18TPI Metal Jigsaw Blades
• 2 x 24TPI Metal Jigsaw Blades
• 2 x 32TPI Metal Jigsaw Blades
• 2 x 6TPI Wood / Plastic jigsaw Blades
• 2 x 8TPI Wood / Plastic jigsaw Blades
• 2 x 10TPI Wood / Plastic jigsaw Blades

Comes in a plastic case for easy storage and transportation

This is a multi variation listing for 6 different pack sizes, per 14 pack you get the 2 of each blade so for example for a 84 pack you would get 12 of each blade, simply click on the tab above to select the correct pack size required