Auto body Repair Kit Panel Beating Hickory Hammers Dollies Shrinking Moulding

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use.

-Suitable for all body repair and panel beating requirements.

-Ideal for pounding auto sheet metal before finishing

-Hammer heads and dollies made from 1055 medium carbon steel for strength and durability.

-For repairing minor dents and dings

-Also be used to shape panels as well as smoothing out auto body finish

-Genuine Hickory hammers.

-Fully heat treated heads and dollies for accurate repair work and longer lasting.


1. Standard bumping hammer
2. Straight Pein and finishing hammer
3. Pick and finishing hammer
4. Skinning hammer
5. Utility Dolly
7. Heel Dolly with mirror finish
8. Toe Dolly with mirror finish
9. Surfacing spoon
9. Dinging spoon

-Comes in a plastic case with foam inserts for easy storage and transportation