Automatic Centre Punch / Dot Punch / Drills / Adjustable Spring Pressure TE573

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use.

Gives precise starting point on steel and other solid materials.

Allows you to easily mark work using one hand prior to drilling which will prevent the drill from slipping.

The punch is pushed against the workpiece and it clicks which produces an accurate mark for locating the tip of a drill bit.

Spring pressure can be adjusted by simply rotating the knurled top of the punch.

Knurled handle prevents slipping.

No hammer required so less chance of an accident occurring.

Can also be used to break car windows in an emergency.

Centre punch with hardened tip for instant marking

Simple and accurate to use

Just position where to punch and push body right down

Automatic design cleanly and accurately punches steel wood and plastic

Automatic spring loads then releases at top of cycle with force to create centre punch

Total length 130mm.

Total weight of the tool 110 grams (so nice and lightweight for constant use).