Automotive Electronic Mechanics Stethoscope Engine Diagnostic Probe Identifier

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use.

-The automotive stethoscope is designed to detect unusual mechanical noises generated from bearings, shafts, tappets

-Helps to identify engine and chassis noise

-Assists in fault diagnosis, determining defective and noisy components

-Sensitive tool will help to pin down the precise area of a fault induced noise.

-Intermittent or irregular noises may indicate something serious and potentially damaging


- Screw metal probe into handset
- Connect headphones into base of handset
- Use thumbwheel on side of handset to switch on / off and alter volume control.
- Rotate wheel about half way to achieve best results with little background noise
- LED battery light will indicate the handset is switch on. (if no light when switched on -please check battery)
- Switch handset off to preserve battery life
- Requires 9v battery (not included)

-Complete with headphones, volume control and 180mm probe