Automotive short and open finder U.S.PRO TOOLS AT794

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use.

This instrument is designed to identify and trace wires or cables without damaging the insulation.

Also used for checking short circuit and locating open circuits etc...

There is a sender and a receiver included in this instrument.

Tracing of wires is made possible even inside bundles, conduits, behind panels, under carpets, upholstery etc...

Simple to use simply connect the transmitter in series with the circuit or wire under test and then scan the circuit / wire with the tracers flexible probe to find the trouble spot.

Only for use on DC voltage do not use on AC voltage.

Operates on DC voltages from 6 42 volts

Do not connect to circuit exceeding 42 volts DC.

Do not use with any component or circuits of the ignition system.

Internally protected against power surges and overloads

Adjustable sensitivity for all tracing situations

The probe of the receiver is built of coiled steel and may be bent as needed in order to reach wires in congested or difficult areas.

For the best possible range the receivers probe tip (black cap) should be positioned perpendicular (90 degrees) to the wire being traced.

7" flexible probe allows reaching wires in congested places

Transmitter and receiver LEDS show open or short circuit conditions

Adjustable sensitivity for all tracing situations

Runs off 2 x 9v batteries (included)

Comes complete with a full set of instructions for accurate and quick use

Comes in a pouch for easy storage and transportation.