Bearing Extractor Puller Remover Inner Blind Bearing Removal Set 16pcs

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use.

-For the removal of pilot bushes bearings

-Split collet type blind internal bearing puller

-Manufactured from precision machined steel for strength and durability

Perfect for removing cartridge bearings such as those in suspension linkages pilot bushes, blind housings and hubs

-Internal puller for the fast extraction of bearing without damaging any surrounding parts

-Turning the handle clockwise expands the collet causing it to firmly grip the inner bearing

-Sliding the hammer backwards extracts the bearing

-Expanding pullers accurately grip the slide hammer to easily remove stubborn beatings.


- 10 x collets (segment grip type) - 8mm - 11mm / 12mm - 17mm / 8mm - 23mm / 24mm - 29mm / 30mm - 34mm / 34mm - 38mm / 39mm - 43mm / 44mm - 48mm / 49mm - 53mm / 54mm - 58mm
- 3 x screw adaptors - M10 x 1.5p, M10 x 1.5P/M8 x 1.25p, M10 x 1.5p/M6 x 1.0p
- 1 x sliding hammer - 1 x counterstays (puller)

-Comes in a blow molded case for easy storage and transportation