Body Shop Air Sandblaster Kit Grit Shot Sand Pot Blaster Remover Removal Tool

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Professional sand blaster set for commercial or occasional use

Body shop sand blaster set

Abrasive grit spray gun complete with 4 different size nozzles

4 different shaped nozzles for blasting general body work and stone chip damage

The nozzle is placed over the damaged area and pushed against the body work, the return bag will collect the spent sand and debris

Sandblasting or abrasive blasting removes the top surface layer of a material by using compressed air to direct abrasives towards the surface at high speeds

Ideal for detailed removal such as stone chips

Soft rubber compound nozzles seal against flat and contoured surfaces

Comes complete with 1kg of blasting material

850ml abrasive canister with easy detaching for quick refills

Abrasive blasting erodes the surface, ridding it of paint, dirt and other substances and prepares the surface for future treatments

Suitable for use with compressed air

Trigger operation for controlled ease of use

Comes with a full set of instructions for easy use

Suitable for blasting material between 0.2mm and 0.8mm


• Body shop sand blaster set
• Needs between 60 – 100 PSI
• 7 CFM
• Material cup capacity 1000CC
• 1kg blasting material included
• 1 x debris collection bag (comes with)
• 1/4" BSP attachment
• 4 different shaped nozzles