Brake Caliper Slide Bolt Thread Repair Kit Guide Bolt Calliper Core Drill

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This thread repair kit is specifically designed to safely repair damaged brake calliper slide / guide bolt threads.

Includes 10 fully threaded, splined inserts, designed specifically for brake calliper slide / guide bolts. They provide a full thread and can be used with thread lock if needed - standard spring type thread repair inserts / helicoils are not suitable for repairing calliper slide / guide bolts.

The kit includes a special tap designed to chase the thread. If the thread cannot be restored, use the supplied drill and thread inserts.

Supplied in a blow mould case.

Includes drilling guides;
90mm centre to centre (used on a lot of VAG group cars)
94mm centre to centre (used on a lot of Opel/Vauxhall and other GM cars)
105mm centre to centre (used on European fords)