BSF & BSW Tap & Die Sets British Standard Whitworth / Fine TE106_TE741

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This listing is for two tap and die sets, one in British Standard Whitworth (BSW) sizes and one in British Standard Fine (BSF) sizes.

Manufactured from tungsten steel, much harder than cheap carbon steel sets.

Ideal for creating, repairing and cleaning up of BSF and BSW threads.

Sizes are etched onto the taps and dies for easy identification.

Screw adjustment tap wrenches are suitable for all the included taps.

Die holders for 1" dies with thumbscrews to secure the dies.


BSF Taper Taps, BSF Plug Taps and BSF Dies in the following sizes; 3/16" x 32 BSF, 1/4" x 26 BSF, 5/16" x 22 BSF, 3/8" x 20 BSF, 7/16" x 18 BSF, 1/2" x 16 BSF.
BSW Taper Taps, BSW Plug Taps and BSW Dies in the following sizes; Taper Taps, Plug Taps and Dies in the following sizes; 1/8 40 BSW, 3/16 24 BSW, 1/4 20 BSW, 5/16 18 BSW, 3/8 16 BSW, 7/16 14 BSW, 1/2 12 BSW.
2 x Tap Wrenches to hold taps M3M12 (1/16" to 1/2"). Total length 200mm.
2 x 1" Die Holders, total length 200mm.
2 x Metal Storage cases.