Car Battery Terminal Clamps Grips Bolts Positive & Negative 1 PAIR 12V 24V TE458

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High quality replacement battery terminals for 12V and 24V systems.

Post type clamps will fit standard battery posts.

Perfect for replacing old corroded, broken or missing terminals.

Also popular for when adding a second battery for a winch / tail lift / motor or adding another battery in parallel.

Manufactured from cast with metal nuts and bolts and retaining plates.

This listing is for a pair of clamps 1 for the positive and 1 for the negative.

Comes complete with all nuts and bolts and retaining plates.

These are attached to the cables with a clamp rather than a crimp so no specialist tools are required to fit the clamps.

Suitable for :

All standard post type battery terminals.
Replacing old corroded terminals.
Adding an additional battery when needed for a winch or tail lift motor.
Adding a secondary battery in parallel.

Specific Dimensions :

Designed to fit standard diameter battery terminals.
Post fitting bolt heads have 12mm bolt heads (measured across the flats)
Retaining plates has 2 x 6mm holes 20mm apart
Retaining plate bolts have 11mm bolt heads (measured across the flats)