Chillout Cool Soak Dog Toy Heat Relief Puppy Teething Play Time

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Size Yellow/Blue Soak Bone
Pack Size Single Chillout Toy
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The cool soak toys will keep your pet feeling cool during summertime play.

Simply soak or fill the toys with water and place them in the freezer overnight to cool and soothe.

Helps relieve sore gums and teeth for puppies and senior dogs.

Also, a great everyday toy for all dogs.

Ideal for small medium and large breeds of dogs.

Made from quality rubber.

Cool soak bone: length 13 cm x 7 cm Cool soak shark: length 17 cm x 6 cm Cool soak ball: 8x8 cm Jolly doggy chillax cool bone blue: 2 sizes available: 5.5” or 7” Please select item and pack size from drop down box.

Safety Advise> For your pet’s safety examine the toy from time to time for wear and replace when appropriate. Pets should be supervised when playing with toys.