Cleco Side Edge End Clamps Fasteners Grips 19mm Open 25mm Depth + Pliers

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Pack Size Pliers + Single End Grip
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This listing is for both an extra large cleco end grip as well as a set of pliers for using them with


Professional extra large cleco end grips for commercial or occasional use

Extra large cleco end grips

A very popular tools used in the aircraft or other engineering industries

Edge clamps designed to grip securely at the edge of the pieces of work

Suitable for holding the work pieces for all types of material when bonding, sealing, welding or gluing operations

Spring loaded for easy installation and removal

Spring loaded, plier operated clamps

Suitable for use with composites, polymers and metals

Used as a temporary work piece clamp whilst drilling overlapping layers of material

Ensures that the work piece maintains alignment ready for a more permanent fastening such as nuts and bolts, sealant, riveting or spot welding

With these clamps over tightening is not possible and surface marring is minimal

Used at the end of a joint for clamping requirements

These clamps are much smaller and easier to work around than traditional welding or G clamps

Side grip clamps are designed to clamp the edge of your work area

Manufactured from steel for maximum strength and durability

Zinc plated grips for rust and corrosion resistance


• Cleco end grips
• Maximum opening – 3/4in. (19mm)
• Maximum depth – 1in. (25mm)


Professional pliers for commercial or occasional use

Suitable for installing cleco end grips as well as the temporary fasteners

Manufactured from steel for maximum strength and durability

Rubberised handles for comfort and grip

Total length of the pliers – 190mm

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