Clutch Alignment Tool / Installer for Refitting Replacement Clutches TE029

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Suitable for virtually all vehicles under 5 tons with a single plate clutch.

Easy alignment and installation on the work bench or in situ.

Gives perfect alignment of clutches, you can assemble them on the bench then take it to the car.

Fits over 90% of all cars and light vans, old or new.

Not suitable for vehicles with double plate clutches.

Kit comes complete with three different sized expanding collets.

Simple to use;

1. Place clutch plate over pressure plate on workbench, insert tool through centre and push down.

2. Tighten the small wheel to expand the collet which is inside the clutch plate.

3. Tighten the funnel wheel until contact is made with the pressure plate then turn both plates over.

4. Align both plates together by sliding them sideways until both edges are parallel, then firmly tighten the funnel shaft, holding both plates together.