Clutch alignment tool / universal / flywheel tool / installer / remover AT149

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Suitable for virtually all vehicles under 5 tons with a single plate clutch and provides easy alignment of single clutch plates.

Keeps the clutch in perfect alignment during fitting.

Allows the clutch plate and the pressure plate to be assembled on the bench, making clutch changes a one handed operation.

Also suitable for flywheels with no pilot bearing

Nylon components with steel main shaft.

Not suitable for Mini's or vehicles with double plate clutches.


Suitable for single plate clutches
Suitable for flywheels with no pivot bearing
Very fast to fit and remove.
Universal application for a wide variety of vehicles.
Size of collets suits splines from 14mm to 28mm across 3 adaptors.

Simple to use;

Place clutch plate over pressure plate on workbench, insert tool through centre and push down.
Tighten the small wheel to expand the collet which is inside the clutch plate.
Tighten the funnel wheel until contact is made with the pressure plate then turn both plates over.
Align both plates together by sliding them sideways until both edges are parallel, then firmly tighten the funnel shaft, holding both plates together
Install the both plates to the flywheel, then remove the tool by loosening the small wheel.