Deluxe Bird Feeder Fat/Suet Ball Holder Hanging Feeding Station For Wild Birds

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This Rosewood Classic Butterfly Fat Ball Feeder is a beautiful addition to any garden, combing ‘shabby Chic’ with practicality by helping out smaller wild birds. This helps to reduce squirrel and nuisance birds from stealing all the food from the smaller birds.
`Shabby Chic’ is a style currently very popular both in the home and garden so we’ve tapped into this with our new butterfly modified feeders which have an aged and ‘antique’ white powder coated finish.
Feeding wild birds is now recommended all year around, as is offering a variety of foods and placing a number of feeders in different parts of the garden.
The Fat ball feeder is designed for holding Fat/ Suet Balls, is easy to fill and the centre can be removed for easier cleaning.
Makes the perfect gift for the animal/ garden lover in your life.
Dimension excluding hanger: 19cm dia x 29cm