Diesel Injector Seat Cutter Cleaner Universal Injector Re-face Reamer 7pc

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Professional diesel injector seat cutter for commercial or occasional use

7pc diesel injector seat cutter

Used to clean and decarbonise injector seats when changing injectors

Suitable for use on a wide variety of diesel vehicles

Re face the diesel injector seat in order for the new reconditioned injector to be fitted correctly

Helps to avoid blow back due to poorly seated injectors

Various cutters to cater for nearly all diesel cars

Recommended that re-facing of the injector seats is done with the cylinder head removed to avoid the risk of metal filings entering the combustion chamber

Complete with socket extension for access in restricted hard to reach areas


1. 15 x 19 flat reamer – for universal application
2. 17 x 17 flat reamer – compatible with Delphi / Bosch injectors found on Renault and Ford
3. 17 x 17 angled reamer- compatible with Mercedes Benz CDI
4. 17 x 19 flat reamer – compatible with Bosch injectors found on Mercedes CRD
5. 17 x 21 angle reamer – compatible with Fiat and Iveco
6. 1 x T handle socket extension
7. 1 x Reamer holder