Drill Bit Stop Depth Gauge Collar for Drills Up To 3mm (1/8in) Fully Adjustable

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Pack Size Single Collar
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Professional drill stop for commercial or occasional use

Drill bit depth stop

Suitable for drills up to 3mm or 1/8in in diameter

Limit the depth of the drilling hole and improve the drilling efficiency

Drill stop designed as a versatile aid that helps eliminate drill bit breakage

Provides a sure stop to regulate hole depth

Unique rounded face reduces surface marring

Simply adjust the drill depth with an Allen key on the side of the drill stop which when adjusted can be fastened to the drill shaft to gauge the correct depth

Nomar type for composites and other soft materials

Fully adjustable for different size drill lengths

Manufactured from steel for maximum strength and durability

Plated for rust and corrosion resistance

Spring adjusted to prevent damage to either work piece (the bit being drilled or the drill stop)


• Drill bit stop
• Suitable for drills – up to 3mm or 1/8in
• Drill depth – fully adjustable to suit individual needs