Emergency Breakdown Car Bulb and Fuse Assortment Kit (Mini blade Normal) 13pc

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Emergency car bulb and fuse assortment kit

Set includes all major functional bulbs and fuses to fit most vehicles

The CE and EU approved kit can be a legal requirement for driving in many major European countries

Practical and compact kit for easy storage and transportation

Prepares you for emergencies whilst driving

Ideal for having with you when travelling in case of an emergency


- 1 x H1 halogen bulb - type 448
- 1 x H4 halogen bulb - type 472
- 1 x H7 halogen bulb - type 499
- 1 x stop and tail bulb - type 380
- 1 x stop, indicator, tail and reverse bulb - type382
- 1 x side stop, tail and number plate bulb - type 207
- 1 x side light and interior light - type 501
- 3 x car blade fuses (1 x 10amp, 1 x 20amp and 1 x 30amp)
- 3 x mini blade fuses (1 x 10amp, 1 x 20 amp and 1 x 30 amp)

Comes in a plastic partitioned box for easy storage and transportation and to prevent damage to the bulbs whilst moving